There are lots of people living on their boats on the canals and rivers of the UK, some estimates put the figure at around twenty thousand, and most of the people who live on their boats, like me, do so because it is a lifestyle they have chosen and love. To many people living afloat on a narrow boat sounds wonderful and can seem like an idyllic way of life. For a lot of people the thought conjures up images of pretty colourful boats on a rural canal surrounded by countryside and also the idea of being your own master, being able to move on whenever and to wherever your mood takes you. And I have to say that in my experience that is pretty much true. I have been living on my boat since 1995 and I can honestly say I would not choose to live any other way. But the decision to move onto and live on a canal boat permanently does need some careful thought. In this book I will be giving you advice and information on places to find and buy your boat. What to look for and questions to ask when viewing a boat, where you can find moorings for your boat or if you intend to be continuously cruising what the rules and restrictions are and information about licences, safety certificates and insurance etc for your boat.