Yves and Casey had their ups and downs, but after catching Yves with his new fling, Elsie, Casey completely cuts Yves off. Yves was devastated, but kept his relationship going with Elsie. After getting to know Elsie, he realized they only got along in the bedroom. Yves's mother Sandra is disgusted when she finds out Elsie is pregnant, so she does what she has to just to get rid of Elsie and that's pay her off.
Meanwhile, Yves does everything he can to get Casey back, until he finds out devastating news about his health and Elsie is the only one that could keep his family together.
After receiving mixed advice from friends and family, Yves ends up playing with the one he loves hearts and everything comes crumbling down.
Find out what happens when Yves tries to juggle problems with his health and healing a woman's broken heart trying to save his family.