Throwback Thursday | August 14 | Is He or Isn’t He? by John Hall

is he or isnt he
Format: Paperback, 304 pages
Published: July 3rd 2006
Genre: Contemporary, LGBT
ISBN: 9780060787479
Age Range: 13-17
Rating: 3/5

In the glittering world of New York City’s richest and most famous prep school, best friends Paige and Anthony become equally entranced by the enigmatic, ever–so–cute new guy Max, but in order to snag him, they must first use their charms and wit to discover the truth–is he or isn’t he?

The premise involves two friends; one a male and one a female whom each have a crush on the same new guy in their group of upper class friends. The problem? They don’t know if he is gay or straight! They put him through a series of tests to see which way he leans but both are left with no answers!

This book doesn’t quite fit in the dystopian trend we have hitting the shelves now. It definitely brings me back to my high school days (which is approximately when I read it the first time). This book is light, funny, and based on high school crushes. The characters are simple and fairly stereotypical, but I felt the stereotypical characteristics made them believable. However, there are no heavy hitting issues in this book despite the fact that it appears to be about LGBT issues. The fact that the “new kid” is gay is only a plot mask rather than something that causes any sort of story or character development.

Although this book had very little educational value and no real adventure, it was simply a fun read. The end seemed to come very abruptly, but it did leave me smiling.  If you need a quick read before you go back to school (or one to help your brain DURING the school year) this could be an easy one! If you put it down you won’t have to worry about where you left off, but if you enjoy lighthearted books you will want to pick it up again.

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