Femme Friday | August 15| Katy Swartz – The Lux Series

With the release of Jennifer Armentrout’s ‘Opposition’ this week, the last book in The Lux Series, I thought for our first Femme Friday, we’d take a look at the main character, Katy Swartz. Katy is 17-years-old as the series begins, and has just moved from Florida with her mother, Kellie, to West, ‘By God’ Virginia. As the first novel progresses, Katy learns that her neighbours, Dee and Daemon Black, are not exactly ordinary.

Katy describes herself as mostly ordinary. She doesn’t see herself being beautiful, and she often points out the beauty of Dee and Ash Thompson, Daemon’s former on again/off again girlfriend. She has curvy hips, puffy lips, and large eyes, making her think that she looks like a demented kewpie doll. She is a very feisty young woman, who has a tendency to speak her mind, and stand up for her friends and family. She is extremely close to her mother, although as the series progresses, Katy finds herself drifting away from her mother in order to better protect her.

What makes her stand out most as an excellent female lead, is the fact that she can hold her own not only in verbal arguments, but physical ones as well. Although there are times throughout the series that Katy finds herself in situations where Daemon, Dee, and others must come to rescue her, she has tried multiple times to escape under her own power. ‘Kitten has claws’ is a favourite term that comes to mind when talking about Katy. She’ll fight back if provoked.

I think the thing I like most about Katy, other then her intense relationship with Daemon Black (The holy trinity of hot boys: Beautiful face. Beautiful body. Horrible attitude), is how realistic she is. Katy is not only an avid reader, but she’s also a dedicated blogger, two traits that disappear from her life as things become more chaotic. Her inner monologue is hilarious to read, especially when she starts ranting about Daemon, or throws in her favourite line of ‘holy alien babies’, or some variation. If you’re looking for an addicting, well-written book to finish off your summer with, I’d highly recommend you check out this series!

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