Wishlist Wednesday | August 20th | Shelving

If you are anything like me than you need a solution, or home, for your wonderful collection! I am ALWAYS giving away copies of books I have previously read (sharing the passion), but I have more books that I haven’t read than anyone else I know. Here are a few of my favourite shelving ideas. Some, although they look awesome, won’t help with my issues of overcrowding, but I can’t help but love them anyway. Let us begin!

I love that this shelving unit is circular. I think not being able to fill a lot of the space would drive me crazy but it could add such a different feel to a room than your regular rectangular shelving unit!

I’ve seen this in two different forms. First, the small tree is perfect for a child sized room. I’ve also seen a LARGE version which looked just as cool. This adds some nice decorative flare.

This shelf looks like it is coming right at you! It comes across as almost 3D, even in picture form. This would hold a lot more than the other options too.

This is my favourite! I would have to fill the seating with pillows though because I am ALL about being snuggly while I read!

Send me some of your favourite shelving units, or a solution to my book crowding problems!

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