Femme Friday | August 22 | Aria – Under The Never Sky

300 years into the future, after a major catastrophe has decimated the Earth, 17-year-old Aria finds herself exiled from Reverie, the domed city where she was born and raised. As punishment for breaking into a locked Pop with her friends, and starting a fire, she is cast out of Reverie and into the wastelands, where there are cannibals, horrific aether storms, and prolonged exposure to the air can ultimately kill you.

By a stroke of luck, Aria meets Perry, a wild outsider with special abilities, and her only hope of staying alive in the Death Shop. The pair have a rocky relationship to begin with, but ultimately Perry realizes that Aria holds the key to his redemption amongst his Tribe.

Throughout the series, we see Aria grow from a sheltered and fragile girl, to a very capable, vibrate and strong young woman. Her relationship flourishes with not only Perry, but many secondary characters as well, including Roar.

I think what I liked most about the Under The Never Sky trilogy was that it comes across as potentially realistic in the future. With the struggle between classes (those living in the dome, vs. those living in the death shop), and the race to find a sustainable, long-term living area, it feels like something that we may eventually encounter down the road. Veronica Rossi’s intelligent writing captures your attention and really makes you think. It’s a great read, with a lot of deeper meaning.

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