Taste of Tuesday|Revenge of Seven

The Revenge Of Seven

The worst was supposed to be over. We were reunited after a decade apart. We were discovering the truth about our past. We were training and getting stronger every day. We were even happy. . . .
We never imagined the Mogadorians could turn one of our own against us. We were fools for trusting Five. And now Eight is lost forever. I would do anything to bring him back, but that”s impossible. Instead, I will do whatever it takes to destroy every last one of them.
I’ve spent my entire life hiding from them, and they”ve stolen everything away from me. But that stops now. We”re going to take the battle to them. We have a new ally who knows their weaknesses. And I finally have the power to fight back.
They caught Number One in Malaysia.
Number Two in England.
Number Three in Kenya.
And Number Eight in Florida.
They killed them all.
I am Number Seven.
I will make them pay.

This release is exciting for me because I want to read the whole series but do not want to have to wait for every release! (I know I won’t be able to put them down once I start). I do not count the “case files” twist off series as part of the main story sequence. I think I might be able to start the series now that there are 5 to keep me going.

I am interested in this series because it sounds different compared to your normal type of science fiction book. In this series instead of being the hunter you are being hunted! This to me seems like a pretty crazy book escape from your ordinary tale. Because I have wanted to read the series I have never seen the movie (although, I heard it wasn’t that good) so it has been about four years of building anticipation to read this series.

Get it on Book Depository, shipping is free!

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