Wishlist Wednesday!

For this Wednesday my only wish is to spend my whole day reading (I have the day off!)

So I am wishing for some  


And some of this 


Without any of these  


So that I can 

If all of this happens I will be one happy, happy girl! I am currently reading the Lux Series (Autum seems to love it, so I’m giving it a try!) and they are thicker books than the usual type of novel I read (two books in each, about 800 pages total) so I’m going to be busy!

After my day reading I am hoping to write up some more reviews so that I can catch up! I feel like these memes are taking over!

Reviews to come:

  • The Selection Series (Kiera Cass)
  • The Energy Crusades (Valerie Noble)
  • The Program (Suzanne Young)
  • Hereafter (Tara Hudson)
  • The Promise of Amazing (Robin Constantine)
  • Unraveling (Elizabeth Norris)
  • Smart Girls Get What They Want (Sarah Strohmeyer)
  • The Summer I Learned to Fly (Dana Reinhardt)

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