Femme Friday| Saba | Dustlands Series

Saba is a strong female character and I like to think of her as a great example of the strength that women get when people mess with their families! Her father gets killed and her twin brother is kidnapped; how would you react? Personally, I would become some form of She-Hulk (the best any 5′ nothing woman would do!) and destroy anyone who got in my way.

In the beginning Lugh, the strong manly caregiver of the family, allowed Saba to live a fairly simple life. She helped out around the house but didn’t seem to care much about anyone or anything else. She was basically the forgotten middle child, half a person you might say, with Lugh as the other half. She had a grand disliking for her little sister Emmi and often wished she had never existed. Although both Emmi and Saba were stubborn, Lugh was able to keep them at bay most of the time.

Throughout Blood Red Road you see Saba’s personality grow as she gets stronger and is able to strategize, plan, and fight her way out of many tough situations. You can see her ability to analyze situations grow as the positions she is in get tougher. As she emotionally takes on more responsibility her “mothering instincts” kick in and she begins to care more about the effects and safety of the people around her, including Emmi.

With the growth I saw of the characters, including Saba, in The Blood Red Road I cannot wait to see what happens throughout the rest of the trilogy.

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