Middle School Monday | Stitch Head – The Pirate’s Eye by Guy Bass

The Pirate's Eye (Stitch Head, #2)

Format: Paperback, 208 pages
Published: April 1st 2012
Genre: Fantasy
ISBN: 9781847152282
Age Range: 8-14
Rating: 5/5 Stars
Find It:  Book Depository

After the successful defence of Castle Grotteskew from the evil clutches of Fulbert Freakfinder, life returns to normal for Stitch Head, until his master, Mad Professor Erasmus, leaves the castle to accept the prestigious Lifetime of Mad Professoring Award …and doesn’t come back. At last, Stitch Head is free to start a new life, and decides to live his dream and set sail for an almost-life on the high seas…But all is not as it seems, and soon Stitch Head, the Creature and Arabella find themselves racing across the waves in an attempt to rescue the professor from the clutches of a mysterious enemy…

I do recommend reading the original Stitch Head book first for the introduction to the characters.
This book is another creative piece brought to you by the brain of Guy Bass. Although I found this one a little more predictable, it didn’t disappoint.
After finding a pirates journal, Stitch Head realizes that his eye matches the eyes of the pirate so he comes to the conclusion that he must be part pirate! The characters set off to save Professor Erasmus in their big pirate ship and of course the Creature and Arabella add to the hilarity of the situations.
You really feel for Stitch Head in this book, he is genuinely curious to know where his pieces come from (every piece of the creations are reused from previous monsters or things that the professor has collected). After hearing that the Professor has been kidnapped by pirates Stitch Head realizes that he is the Professors only hope at being rescued. Since he is part pirate he was made for this adventure!
I feel like if I give away any more details I’m going to start giving away the story, but I definitely recommend this series for girls and boys alike in the above mentioned age range. It is a great series for reluctant readers because although it comes in novel form, the pictures make it less intimidating and the story is funny and filled with adventure. This could also be used as a read aloud for younger kids, just make sure they won’t be scared by the dark feel of the book (although it looks and feels scary, the stories in this series actually aren’t).

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