Femme Friday | Kaia Robi – The Energy Crusades

I have yet to do my review about this book but you guys need to know how much I loved this plot line. Anyways, this girl is getting all of the attention today! KAIA ROBI!

I have so much love for this girl I wish I could throw up a picture of her…or maybe I should just use a picture of me because that is exactly how I pictured her. Well, except for the fact she is tall, athletic, and gorgeous in my brain, and I am not really any of those things but sometimes it is nice to hope!

So! Kaia is an athlete, so much so she is basically a celebrity because of the amount of energy that she creates for her grid. This provides her with all sorts of extra riches but really tears at her personal life. Because of the amount of training she does, she doesn’t have any real friends and spends most of her time with the other athletes or with her coach. Being so protected, she has limited contact with the other people attending her school and is very naive for this reason.

As she starts her training for the crusades she begins to struggle with her emotions. She doesn’t want to open up and finds it hard to stay strong when having to deal with her childhood best friend. Her friend is completely ignoring her and is pretending he doesn’t even know who she is. Through meeting friends for the first time and being thrown into a lot of new and uncomfortable situations Kaia stays stronger than I expected her to. Despite her status and naivety, Kaia handles herself with such maturity and class. Kaia is a person I would love to have as my friend; she is so genuine that I have a tremendous amount of respect for her. Valerie Noble did such a great job that I almost feel as though Kaia is a real person in my life. I cannot wait to see Kaia grow, and to watch her relationships and passions grow with her.

I think Kaia Robi is a great role model for girls. The story line shows how important it is to not only stay healthy but to help live a self-sustained lifestyle. This girl is mature, has class, and always considers others while making her decisions. We would be lucky to live in a world that existed with Kaia Robi.

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