Throwback Thursday | Sweet Little Lies by Lauren Conrad

Sweet Little Lies (L.A. Candy, #2)


Format: Hardcover, 403 pages
Published: Feb 2010
Genre: Drama, Romance
ISBN: 9780061767609
Age Range: 16+
Rating: 3/5 Stars
Find It:  Book Depository

How Sweet it is?Jane Roberts was the average girl next door until she and her best friend, Scarlett Harp, landed their own reality show, L.A. Candy. Now the girls have an all-access pass to Hollywood’s hottest everything. But there’s more to life on camera than just parties and shopping. . . .When racy photos of Janeare leaked to the press, she finds herself at the center of a tabloid scandal. She turns to her co-star Madison Parker for help, unaware that Madison is scheming behind the scenes. She might be Jane’s shoulder to cry on, but does Madison really have Jane’s back?Scarlett’s working on a scandal of her own. She’s fallen for someone who’s strictly off-limits—which means Scarlett has a big secret to keep . . . from the L.A. Candy cameras, the paparazzi staking out her apartment, even from her best friend.

Of course, nothing stays secret for long for the stars of the newest hit TV series, and all this drama couldn’t be better for ratings. But can Jane survive another season in the spotlight?

Wow, oh wow! I actually liked this book a lot more than the first one. It was still a little trashy, almost like picking up a tabloid magazine that only concentrated on a few celebs. There was bickering, nude leaks, and drama like no other YA book I have ever read.
Honestly, I was surprised at how likable the characters are, even better than LA Candy. There is a feeling of realism within the series, something that really makes you rethink the reality shows you watch, and how much is actually reality (okay, we all know it isn’t REAL, but sometimes you wish it was!)
Jane is caught in a tough situation in this book. She has two friends who ultimately hate each other. After some photos were leaked Jane doesn’t know what to do. Madison convinces her to take off to Cabo to relax, but Scarlotte (Jane’s roommate and longtime friend) thinks Madison was the one who leaked the photos to the press and tries to convince Jane that Madison is up to no good.
Jane has gotten herself stuck in a corner, we’ve all been there. She doesn’t know who to trust and has found herself caught in an awkward love triangle (YIKES). Between all the real drama in her life, and the drama the producers want to make, Jane isn’t sure having the cameras in her face is worth it anymore.
Although this much drama in real life would be overwhelming to me, reading it in a book was actually entertaining. Jane keeps the situations fresh, and although it was sometimes predictable, it was overall an enjoyable read. Mindless, but enjoyable. I almost wish there were more books like this to compare it to but the closest book I can think of is “Beauty Queens” by Libba Bray, except Bray’s had even more product placement and self-centered people. I will discuss my opinions of that book another day though!

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