Femme Friday | Hanna Marin – Pretty Little Liars

I want to start this by saying that Hanna Marin in the books is different from Hanna Marin in the show. I will make some comparisons but overall YOU SHOULD READ THE BOOKS! Some of the characters that are in the show die in the books very early on and vice versa.

Hanna is gorgeous but life didn’t start that way for her. She used to be overweight; overweight and unhappy with her life. Ali helped change that for Hanna, she gave her motivation to lose weight (despite the fact that it was with an eating disorder). Hanna and Mona were able to make the big changes together by not only losing weight but they also became “cool.” They started being known for their cool clothes and even started setting the trends.

Externally Hanna looked like she had it all together, but life wasn’t going so well for her. She was struggling to control her bulimia, she was stealing to stay on top of the trends (and not spend her family out of house and home) and she was struggling to handle having a new family. Her dad was remarrying and she was about to get a new step mom and step sister. If that wasn’t bad enough, her new step sister Kate is already beautiful and popular without even trying.

Throughout the series we see Hanna grow in maturity, but not until we watch her hit rock bottom first. She dates a few boys and gets herself into a few different troubling situations. I almost feel like Hanna could be the story herself. The series wouldn’t be nearly as long, but her life is amusing enough to be a story in among itself.

If you really want to see the true character development YOU NEED TO READ THE BOOKS! Don’t get me wrong, I watch the show myself. There are so many differences though that I find myself getting confused unless I read/watch them separately. This means that I surround my life with Pretty Little Liars (Yes, sad right!). While the show is on, I watch the show. Now that the show is done for the season I continue on with the book series. I am currently reading “Twisted” which is book #9. I am hoping to reread and review the books in the series sometime in the near future.

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