Throwback Thursday | The Morganville Vampires by Rachel Caine


I know, I know. You’re probably sitting there thinking ‘my god, Autumn has another post about vampire books? Please stop!’

I wish I could. Well written teen vampire books with very well-rounded characters are like my crack. I wish I could quit them, but I can’t. Now, the series itself just finished earlier this year, so it’s not really a throwback. However, there are also 15 books in the series, and it was first published in 2009, so it kinda qualifies.

The story is set in the small, off the beaten path, town of Morganville, Texas – Which is described as being so wonderful, you’ll never want to leave… Problem is, you really can’t leave. Once you’re in, you’re in. The town seems ordinary from the outside, to 16-year-old Claire Danvers who is a new student at Texas Prairie University. And it even includes the obligatory bullies, who drive Claire out of her dormitory and to the house of the remaining three main characters.

But the town isn’t ordinary. Vampires run the town, using the police and civilians as their puppets to do the majority of their dirty work. And when that doesn’t work, the big bad vampires step in. The city’s ‘founder’ is Amelie, who is over 1500 years old, and rules her city with an iron fist. The humans try numerous times throughout the series to rise against the vampires, and take back their city, but they are often defeated, or a truce is declared with the vampires still receiving the better end of any deals.

I highly recommend this series to people who have read Richelle Mead’s ‘Vampire Academy’ series, Stephanie Meyer’s ‘Twilight’, and Kelley Armstrong’s series’. The characters are lively, funny and likeable, and the writing is top notch. If you’ve got some time to kill (and a little bit of money to spare) these books are a fast read that you won’t regret purchasing.

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