Wishlist Wednesday | Adopt A School

This is the last week that Canadian Schools are being adopted! For all of you who don’t live in Canada, or are unfamiliar with the adopt a school program, the information can be found here.

Schools get adopted by filling out the forms at the beginning of the year and each Chapters, Indigo, and Coles store picks a school to support for the month. These stores support the schools by collecting donations and raising awareness of the needs of the school within the community.

My wish for this wishlist Wednesday is to share this program and show these schools some support! If you can’t give a monetary donation you can click to ‘adopt’ the school of your choice by clicking on the school and scrolling down a little. The school that gets the most adoptions will win $10 000 to use towards updating their library. You can choose to adopt one or all of the schools if you have the time and can do it everyday until the end of the giveaway. I love that you can help these schools without having to donate money, and that by taking 1 minute out of my day I can try to support my community by helping them win the giveaway.

If you would like to give monetary donations you can do that on the website also by having a look at the different schools signed up and how many new books they are hoping to get.

If you are looking for how you can sign your school up for next year’s fundraiser please look at the information HERE.

If there are any book programs that are near and dear to your heart please let me know! I am often supporting library fundraisers (as you saw in my book haul) and any other fundraisers that involve books!


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