Throwback Thursday | Howliday Inn by James Howe

Howliday Inn (Bunnicula, #2)

Format: Paperback, 105 pages
Published: aug 1st 2006
Genre: Fantasy
ISBN: 9781416928157
Age Range: 6+
Rating: 2/5 stars
I have to say that I was disappointed in this book. Although the story itself was a cool little mystery, I never would have considered this part of the Bunnicula series. Bunnicula barely even makes an appearance! You could maybe consider this a spin-off, or even a 0.5, like a prequel perhaps, but without the main character it just didn’t seem fitting to be part of the series.
So, after that little rant the book was okay. I was thinking the whole way through that the plot line was very predictable. Howe definitely got me though, the end was not at all what I had expected.
Plot: Chester and Harold (the cat and dog of the Monroe family) are sent away to a kennel while the family is on vacation. Chateau Bow-Wow is a place for “special” pets to board while their families are away. However, Harold and Chester quickly learn that their life there is going to be anything but relaxing. The Dachshunds across the yard won’t stop barking, the caretakers won’t stop fighting, and soon the animals start to disappear!
Chester (the cat if you have forgotten from the first book) is on the case. He uses all of his knowledge to put together the pieces and see what is happening (he is convinced that someone in the yard is a werewolf!). Can the pair survive until the family gets home?
A cute little story for Halloween but definitely not needing to be read after “Bunnicula.” I know James Howe had a hard time writing this story after the loss of his wife but I really felt the story would have been better with some aspect of Bunnicula!

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