Femme Friday | Paige Winterbourne – Women of the Otherworld (series) by Kelley Armstrong

When I talk about strong female characters, Paige Winterbourne, and Kelley Armstrong’s ‘Women of the Otherworld’ series, is usually at the top of my list. Each book, in the thirteen book series, focuses on a strong-willed, intelligent female character, and the challenges she, and her friends, lovers, and family must face throughout the book.

Paige first appears in Stolen, the second book of the series. She is described as being in her early twenties, with a curvy frame and red hair. Her role in the story is fairly substantial and by the time we see her again in the third book (Dime Store Magic), Paige has grown further as a character.

She’s witty and sarcastic, and highly intelligent. She uses painful and tragic events to push herself, and her family, to survive. In each book that she appears, Paige commands a presence that earns her a level of awe and respect that is not normally given to Witches in the world (of the series). Witches are known for being docile and almost submissive in their nature and power, especially when they encounter Sorcerers.

But Paige cracks that stigma, and as the series progresses, she and Savannah (her ‘ward’ as described by Armstrong) prove that Witches are stronger than they appear, and that they are just as powerful, if not more-so, than sorcerers.

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