Wishlist Wednesday | Operation Beautiful

So, I am going to post this Wishlist Wednesday about 12 hours early. I just recently heard of an event (click here to read about it) in Canada in which a teenage girl had been bullied. Her locker broken into, and a post left on her facebook status telling her to kill herself. I am devastated that this happened to someone (I know it happens all the time but I just wish it would stop!). I am happy that although we live in a world where the internet makes bullying worse, we also live in a world where the internet can make the victims feel appreciated.

This is Operation Beautiful, started by Caitlyn, the girl in the situation above. Here she has started a campaign to make everyone proud of who they are. For her this involved writing a post-it note to go on the lockers of EVERY SINGLE PERSON in her school.

Here is my challenge to you:

I challenge you to do this, whether it is at your school, place of employment, around your house, anywhere. To me it isn’t even important when you do it! It can be today, Wednesday, Saturday .. any day that works for you. Please just remember why you are taking part.

I would like to see your pictures and hear your stories. If you aren’t comfortable posting them here in the comments you can email them to me! aurora.buzzonbooks@gmail.com

I hope you all enjoy this challenge, and that Caitlyn and Operation Beautiful have inspired you in some way.

Please remember, you are beautiful, and I appreciate you all for so many reasons!

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