Femme Friday | Becky Brandon (Nee Bloomwood)


So, as the series starts, we meet Becky Bloomwood. She is just a normal girl struggling to make it in the world. She has everything a 25yr old girl could want, a gorgeous flat in London’s trendiest neighbourhood, her friends are glamourous, and she has a closet that any women would die for. The catch is, Becky can’t afford to live the way she does which makes her the ultimate hypocrite. She writes for a money saving magazine, giving people advice about finding their fincancial freedom and here she is splurging on those sexy shoes that she just can’t resist.

As the series passes, we see Becky’s growth (or lack there of). There really aren’t any lessons learned, but the characters grow, the relationships grow and you are constantly laughing! Sometimes it is because it is funny and sometimes it is because Becky’s decisions (although justified in her brain) are just plain dumb. What I REALLY enjoy about Becky though, is that she is aware of her issue, she knows what she is doing is wrong and yet she still overspends on a regular basis.

We see Becky through ups and downs with men, her career and her friends and family. Throughout all of this, the only constant is her overspending (are you starting to see how everything fits?). As the series continues, she even gets married and has a child, but no matter how many times she tries, she just can’t resist those Jimmy Choo’s!

If you don’t get it yet than maybe the series just isn’t for you. For me, Becky is very relatable, her world is a wonderful escape and she deals with all kinds of real life drama and crappy situations. What makes me love this series is that Becky never gives up, she comes up with all kinds of humorous ways to get out of her debt and I aspire to be as happy in my life as she is in hers (okay, without the debt though!). If any of this is appealing to you than give her a shot. Start with Confessions of a Shopaholic and get sucked into the wonderful British world of Fashion (without having to know anything about fasion!).

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