Middle School Monday | I Am A Witches Cat by Harriet Muncaster


Format: Hardcover, 32 Pages
Published: July 22 2014
Genre: Picture Book
ISBN: 9780062229144
Age Range: 5+
Rating: 5/5 stars

In this whimsical picture book, a little girl believes her mother is a good witch—and she is a special witch’s cat! After all, every good witch needs a black cat. Together, this playful girl and her loving mom are a perfect twosome, whether they are mixing potions, growing magical plants, or dreaming of wild broomstick rides under a full moon.

For each dazzling spread, author-illustrator Harriet Muncaster handcrafted three-dimensional scenes out of paper and mixed media, then photographed them for a truly distinctive look. With each turn of the page, parents and kids will love discovering all the rich details in the miniature world Muncaster has created.

With plenty of witchy magic and sparkle, this warm story is sure to become a Halloween treat that will be enjoyed throughout the year.

So, I know Middle School Monday is supposed to be about book to read in Middle School, you are all probably looking at me like I have three heads now. I really think EVERYONE should read this book! This book is such a fun read, the pictures are amazing and the story made me laugh out loud.
In the story we have a little girl who believes that her mom is a witch, she dresses up to be a witches cat so that she can be apart of her mom’s daily activities. However, when you remove the little girl’s imagination (in the pictures) you see these things that are making her mom appear to be a witch are just regular everyday things.
I think this is a great story to show kids what having an imagination can do for you, and for the older kids it can demonstrate how sometimes things aren’t what they appear to be.
This book won’t take you very long to read (maybe 5 minutes) and although it will likely be found with your Halloween books, I don’t think it should be limited to only being read this time of year. Do yourselves a favour though and check this one out!

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