Taste of Tuesday | Evermoor

Hello all of you lovely blog readers! I decided to switch things up today .. it doesn’t feel like Tuesday to me (it feels like Wednesday!), so for Taste of Tuesday I decided to tell you about a new show that I am excited about.

While watching it I didn’t even realize it was going to be a show, I thought it was a movie, the first episode aired on Friday night here in Canada and was an hour and a half long so it wasn’t far fetched. As I did some research about it I found out it was actually the pilot episode! The show I am talking about is called Evermoor.


Here is a quick peak at what happens in the first episode. You meet the family, a blended family, one half being American and one half British (fitting because it is set in Britain). The mother has inherited an old Mansion from her aunt and so the whole family has decided to move in.

The town they are now residing in is called Evermoor, and in Evermoor, the future is predicted by a tapestry. I know, you are all going HUH?!!?! This tapestry is made using a special gold thread and weaved by a special circle of women who have premonitions.

Now add a trouble making teenage girl who is curious and nosy and you see where you start to get all your trouble. Plus, this town is so small that everyone uses their home to host meetings, events and festivals, the family can’t seem to get any personal space!

I highly suggest everyone at least watches the first episode, it definitely helped get me into this Halloween spirit!

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