Femme Friday | The Lady Door – Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman

Sorry for the late edition of Femme Friday this week friends! Vacation time differences and injuries suck, but you’re not here for my sob stories!

I just finished a dramatized version of Neverwhere done by the BBC in 2013, and it was fantastic! The cast was a collection of some of the UK’s finest actors currently (Including Benedict Cumberbatch, James McAvoy and Natalie Dormer) and provided a new way for me to enjoy my reading experience.

The Lady Door, daughter of Portigo, is a unique character, who is one of the two lead females introduced near the start of the story. She is know for her ability to open, close and create doors, almost seemingly out of nothing. There are no need for keys when you have the Lady Door at your side.

Her character is very interesting, and she holds a lot of prestige in the world of London Below. She is naive of Richard’s world in London Above, and constantly teases him for his lack of understanding and knowledge about his new surroundings. What I liked most about Door was the fact that she’s very friendly. She is able to speak to rats and passes along messages to others. Her friendliness, of course, gets her and her companions into trouble more times than not, throughout the story – However she also proves that she is cunning and reliable in tough situations.

I would highly recommend checking out the dramatic play, and the book as well to see more about today’s Femme Friday pick in The Lady Door!

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