Review | Taken by Erin Bowman


Format: Hardcover, 360 pages
Published: April 16th 2013
Genre: Dystopian, Sci Fi
ISBN: 9780062117267
Age Range: 12+
Rating: 4/5

There are no men in Claysoot. There are boys—but every one of them vanishes at midnight on his eighteenth birthday. The ground shakes, the wind howls, a blinding light descends…and he’s gone.

They call it the Heist.

Gray Weathersby’s eighteenth birthday is mere months away, and he’s prepared to meet his fate–until he finds a strange note from his mother and starts to question everything he’s been raised to accept: the Council leaders and their obvious secrets. The Heist itself. And what lies beyond the Wall that surrounds Claysoot–a structure that no one can cross and survive.

Climbing the Wall is suicide, but what comes after the Heist could be worse. Should he sit back and wait to be taken–or risk everything on the hope of the other side?

This book was fantastic, the keep you up all night kind of good. When I finished the book it was 3am and I couldn’t wait to get start the next one in the series. Lucky for me it had just been released.

Here is my summary: Men disappear at the age of 18. Literally on their 18th birthday, the ground shakes, a light flashes and BOOM! Gone, right in front of your eyes. Gray is 17 and doesn’t feel like either of his options are very fair. Not only has his brother just disappeared and left his family behind but his birthday is not far behind. He can’t wait for his birthday, he must find out what happens to the men that are ‘heisted’, his only other option is to climb the big wall that is there to protect them. Only, everyone that has tried to climb the wall has been found dead so neither option looks like a good one.

This book was similar to things I have read in the past but I liked it better. There are so many details that go into this story that I couldn’t even begin to describe them all for you, and every little detail counts. I was engaged throughout the entire book and the twists and turns kept me on my toes. There was even a little piece of me wondering if this is happening somewhere in the world… I can’t describe that thought anymore without giving away some huge plot twists so you will just have to wait and see!

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