Femme Friday | America Singer (The Selection Series)

America starts as a very modest teen girl in the series. I found her to be a very true character, one with an honest heart. What I loved most was that throughout the entire series her heart stayed the same, she was true to herself and her friends.

Her strength made me laugh (even out loud at points) and her stubbornness towards the people she was supposed to cater to was respectful at times (and silly/stupid at others). She was easily relatable, making mistakes and learning from them along the way. Most girls would be honoured to be in her place and yet she felt torn to leave her family, despite knowing it was the only way she could truly help and support them financially.

Throughout the journey we see America go from an uneasy, awkward girl, to a strong and delightful (sometimes pushy) woman. She stands up for what she feels is right, despite being told over and over that it is not her place. She proves herself worthy of the crown slowly, gaining our trust and respect as she works through all the hardships thrown her way, even proving to herself that she was ready to take on such daunting responsibility.

I found this series, although a light read, still has a lot of heart and can inspire girls to be true to themselves, if America were a real person, I would be her friend.

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