Taste of Tuesday| The Bane Chronicles by Cassandra Clare

That is right, do you see this? Now, I am not nearly as excited as I should be because I haven’t finished the series yet… I know, books are being thrown at screens now. I will explain below, but first let’s talk about this book! This is a collection of the 10 e-book short stories that have been published about Magnus Bane PLUS an exclusive 11th short story! How excited are you now?!?!?!?! I hope all of you are running out to your nearest book store to pick this up because I think it will be an amazing addition to the series.

Now, let me explain, when this series started, about 7 years ago, I tried to read City of Bones and found it very difficult to get through, the description of the world just wasn’t sticking in my head so I found it very dry and confusing. A friend of mine kept pushing and pushing me to get through the series but I gave up and just couldn’t make it through the second (City of Ashes). I do own this books and now that the prequel series is out (giving a more detailed description of the world) and the movie (visuals help!) I think I am ready to give this a try once again. If anyone has any tips, or wants to talk me through this series I am more than willing!

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