Femme Friday | Aria Montgomery, Pretty Little Liars

Aria, Aria. Okay, so I will say this again. I am doing this character review based from the books. I found Aria to be the character that was changed the most from the book version to the show version so you may see some differences.

Aria, a tall (ballerina type figure) artistic oddball. Said, in the first book, to have dark, blue-ish hair and not fit in to the stereotypes of Rosewood. Returning from their move to Iceland, Aria had to get settled back into the small town way and seemed to be having a tough time with it all. During a sign of weakness (and perhaps even rebellion) she went into a bar to get herself a drink. Really, I think this is where her story truly begins, along with a relationship with a man much older than her. We soon find out this man’s name is Ezra, an avid reader and oddball himself, also soon to be Aria’s English teacher.

This is the one flaw that bothered me most with her character. While showing signs of immaturity, she met a mature man. Now suddenly, not only does she play the older character convincingly enough to sway him but also becomes a pretty solid, responsible character throughout the rest of the series. I feel like this happened too suddenly, that something else should have been a catalyst for this, or some signs showing.

Throughout the series Aria is seen making lots of responsible decisions, acting as adult as she can, and is even less rebellious (I am a little sad about this, I feel like some rebellious attitude may have done the series well). She becomes increasingly artistic and handles family situations with class and dignity (to the best of her ability of course … -A is always there to ruin these things for her).

When I think of Aria as a role model, I think of her appearance, strong and yet respectful (she doesn’t let it all hang out). I think of her maturity, and her easy come, easy go attitude; I also think of her wise nature. Aria would make a great best friend if she wasn’t being attacked by -A … even with -A, you would definitely want Aria on your side.

What do you guys think of Aria? Even the show version of Aria? Let me know!

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