Femme Friday | Spencer Hastings | Pretty Little Liars

Spencer, Spencer, Spencer, Spencer, poor girl just can’t catch a break! Well, I guess technically she isn’t innocent. This is one liar that I don’t think I would want as a friend.

Pretty and intelligent but she gets a little crazy, she is completely obsessive and very jealous of her sister Melissa. As the first book continues, you can see that Spencer at least has soul and feels guilty for the things that she does to her sister and yet the feud continues.

The feud between the Hastings sisters is similarly portrayed in the book vs TV versions, however, I felt a little more sad for Melissa in the book. It may be because I read the book first but I really think it is because I just didn’t connect with Spencer the same ways in the books. She was easy to hate.

I am on book 9 in the Pretty Little Liar book series and I still am not sold on Spencer. I really WANT to like her and I’m not sure if it is her sense of entitlement, or her attitude; whatever it is, I just can’t seem to make those connections that would make me want to stand by her side.

I wonder if it was Shephard’s idea to make her like this or if it just happened. Who know’s maybe it is just me that feels this way?! Let me know if you think this is out of line, but now you all know. My least favourite liar, and the one I would blame: Spencer Hastings.

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