Femme Friday | Minevera McGonagall |Harry Potter

Since I knocked off a Throwback Thursday post a few months ago with one of the world’s most popular book series’, it was only fitting that I touch on some of the female characters, for a Femme Friday post. I was tempted to do Hermione (and I will eventually), but one of the standout lead females in my opinion, is Professor Minevera McGonagall.

When I was in high school, and reading Harry Potter, I drew a lot of parallels between Harry & co’s relationships with their professors, and the relationships I had with my teachers. In a sense, they’re an extended family. Sometimes, they even become family (because you see them more frequently than your own). McGonagall reminded me of a few teachers I encountered over my high school career. A bit of a tough as nails, rough around the edges woman, who always tried to do right by her students, even in the face of extreme conditions.

She becomes a prominent figure in the trio’s life throughout their time at Hogwarts, and I’d go as far as saying that she steps into Lily’s shoes to be a surrogate mother to Harry, in times of need – One of my favourite scenes (book & movie both), is when Harry discovers that Uncle Vernon never signed his permission slip to attend Hogsmead, and Harry requests McGonagall to sign it instead.

McGonagall teaches not just her classes on transfiguration, but also important life lessons to her students, even if it’s in a somewhat roundabout way. She is their first introduction to animagai (when she transforms from a cat, into a human), she is the first to praise her students when they triumph, and she is the first to defend them, even when the student’s may actually have been breaking the rules. The world needs more teachers and professors like McGonagall.

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