Femme Friday | Emily Fields, Pretty Little Liars

Emily is the quiet one, shy and modest. She is an amazing swimmer, scholarship worthy. She has one big secret that she keeps though, she is bi-sexual and is in love with Alison DiLaurentis.

Being the sensitive and compassionate one, Emily often gets walked on. The girls take advantage of her easy-going, naïve nature. You can imagine how being bi-sexual is difficult for her, her family being a conservative Christian. You can imagine how important it is to her that no one finds out that she is interested in women, and especially that she had ever been interested in Ali. Once her family finds out they try to ‘train’ her out of her sexuality, telling her it is wrong and sending her for courses to rewire her brain.

Despite being my least favourite character (just for the lack of storyline), I feel like we get to see the most growth from Emily. We get to see her come into herself as the series continues and really becoming happier with herself and the possibilities in her future. She still works hard to please the others around her but she realizes that ultimately, the person that needs to be happy is herself.

We do get to see relationships between Emily and both male and female characters in the book. It is clear after a few books which gender she favours and I felt happy for her with this decision.

I do have to say that in the show they made Emily’s character a lot more dynamic, she is much more passionate and is a little more grown and mature than we see her in the books. I was actually not disappointed with this decision on their part. Either way, she is definitely, a supporting role.

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