Wishlist Wednesday | Used Books

I often get asked what do I do with all the books that I have in my collections. Some books that fall into series’ (Like Harry Potter, The Mortal Instruments, etc) I keep, as they will be re-read at some point. I find joy in re-reading them and finding things I’ve missed.

But when it comes to books that aren’t necessarily ones I’m interested in keeping, I sometimes find myself struggling with what to do with them. Recently, my job held a book and food drive for a local women’s shelter. Bring in requested food items that are needed, and bring some books too; with the idea of ‘take a book, leave a book’.

The drive went on for over a month, and while not much was collected in the way of food (sadly), I did manage to donate three boxes full of books, most in excellent condition, to a worthy cause. It makes me very happy that someone is going to get joy out of the same books where I spent many hours loosing myself in different worlds.

If you’re ever looking to clear out your collection of books, I’d highly recommend giving a local shelter a call to see if they accept donations!

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