Femme Friday – June – Legend by Marie Lu

June is that carbon copy female character, the self-reliant, smart, beautiful kind. She is also strong and courageous, the kind of girl we all want to be. You can’t help but love and relate to her. June starts out very naïve, under the care of her brother and his friend who are very protective; with working for the government they have that power. After the death of her brother (and the catalyst) you see June start to change, a growth and maturity that I thought was unusual for a book character but true to some cases in real life. I loved watching her step up and take control of her life, watching her piece together the clues and make her own choices despite the situation being new to her. I hope that one day, when I am faced with a situation like June was that I will step up to the plate and charge head first (with a little caution of course) at the challenges up ahead.

I will be honest though, through the book ‘Legend’ June goes through a few things I wouldn’t dare! Now, I don’t know if you all do this, but it doesn’t matter what the description is in the book I always seem to picture some of my own personal traits (particularly height) as my own. So here I am picturing this tiny, petite girl getting into a boxing ring! Okay, it isn’t exactly described like that in the book, it may even be a little worse but never the less this tiny girl jumps in the ring to try to gain some street cred. Would I ever jump into a fight? Very unlikely! Would I ever work undercover and chase a criminal? Also unlikely. That doesn’t mean that I didn’t enjoy reading about it though, I think I almost enjoyed it more that she grew confident enough in herself and her job to take on tasks that I would have been hesitant about.

The piece that always gets me though is .. if I would never take on these tasks, why do I always picture the characters like myself?

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