Throwback Thursday | And then it happened (book 1) by M. Wade

And Then It Happened: Book One

Format: Paperback, 81 pages
Published: Oct 1st 2002
Genre: Adventure, Humour
ISBN: 9780973117806
Age Range: 8+
Rating: 4/5

Welcome to Books For Boys, publisher of the popular “And Then It Happened” book series by M & L Wade. Books For Boys writes quality, high-interest books for students in grades 3 – 6.

This is always my go to book for anyone having issues getting their children interested in reading. Boys especially, but girls enjoy this as well. The wonderful thing about this series is that each chapter is a story of its own. No need to have them read these long stories that are dragged out, each story is only a few pages! How can they argue with that? The books themselves are short also, always less than 100 pages with big print so they aren’t that intimidating to look at either. There are 11 books in total, so enough to keep them going for awhile, and help them build up their passion and confidence in reading.

The best part is that the stories are funny, the three boys get into all kinds of trouble (innocent trouble of course) and they have you laughing right from the very first chapter to the end. These stories are perfect for both read aloud and independent reading.

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