Femme Friday | Madeline

MadelineI’m going to start with saying how much I always wanted to be like Madeline growing up. Madeline always did what she wanted, she was free to go where her heart desired. She lived her life asking for forgiveness instead of asking for permission. I love doing this, I hate asking for permission to do something. I would rather get in trouble for taking the initiative and explain my reasonings. As a kid though, you don’t always get this blessing.

Living in the orphanage, like Madeline, most children wouldn’t feel as free to run and explore as she does. She pushes the boundaries, but learns from her own mistakes and I think this is where I get jealous. When you get to learn your lessons first hand, without the coddling and bubble wrap of parents and guardians you would get to learn things faster, therefore making you more mature at a younger age. Pros and Cons though I guess.

Through Madeline, we learned manners, how to listen and how to be a great friend, among many other things I’m sure. Madeline and her little yellow friends have become an icon and I am so grateful to John Bemelmans Marciano for continuing her stories and allowing our future children to grow with her as I have.

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