Review | Talon by Julie Kagawa


Format: Hardcover, 464 Pages
Published: October 28 2014
Genre: Fantasy, Romance
ISBN: 9780373211395
Age Range: 15+
Rating: 3/5

So if you remember, Talon was a Taste of Tuesday pick about a month ago, and I was finally able to finish reading it earlier this week. I have slightly mixed feelings about it, but overall I did enjoy it. Certainly not Kagawa’s best work, for a few reasons.

The writing style ultimately threw me off from what I’d come to recognize while reading The Iron Fey series. In parts, it was almost very childish, which felt wrong, especially in the situations that were being written about. There’s one scene in particular where the main character (Ember) and two of her friends, decide that the smart idea is to go off with three college age men, to a nearby cove. These girls are 16/17 respectively and the way that Ember is man handled at one point by one of the males, is borderline sexual assault.

In other parts of the novel, it truly felt like this would have made a better 9-12 book, as opposed to a teen series. Minus the aforementioned near rape scene, and a few choice words that would clearly not belong in a 9-12 novel, it would have been a better fit.

The change in narrators each chapter was something that I did enjoy, although I think it could have been used a little better. Perhaps having Ember narrate a few chapters from her perspective, and then change to another perspective.

All in all, an alright book, that I can see myself recommending to people who have an interest in the genre, and I’ll be sticking with it to see how the series finishes. This was not Kagawa’s best work however, and that disappoints me

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