Wishlist Wednesday | Best Book to Movie Adaptation of 2014

This year saw a fair amount of books being adapted into movies, and while most of the books on this list are Dystopian YA, there are some that aren’t! Here are my top choices for the year.

1) Mockingjay Part 1

I think most people have read, if not seen The Hunger Games, so it should be no surprise that this movie is at the top of the list. I wasn’t overly impressed with how the previous two movies were handled, but when I saw Mockingjay, it was almost exactly how’d I’d pictured it in my mind. The pacing of the movie was actually much better than that of the book, and Jennifer Lawrence has completely become Katniss Everdeen, in all ways. She was given a very difficult character to portray, especially going into the third book/movie, exploring the PTSD Katniss faces, and her struggle to find her place in District 13. Overall, the movie sits at a 4.5 out of 5 stars for me this year.

2) Divergent
Say what you will about the third book (and trust me, I have very many things to say about the third book), this movie was spot on fantastic. I had my doubts, given that previous YA book to movie adaptations in 2013 (*coughCatchingFirecough*) weren’t spectacular. I was wrong. I saw the movie twice in theatres, and have downloaded it, watching it many times since. I’ve declared Theo James as my future husband; I want to BE Tris, and as badass as she is. This movie just made me love the books even more than I thought I could. The actors just made it such an incredible experience for the audience. 4 out of 5 stars overall.

3) The Fault In Our Stars
Part of me doesn’t want to talk about this book to movie adaptation, because it utterly destroyed me. But part of me wants to talk about it because it was just so well done. So clearly, we’ll talk about it.

I read TFiOS last Christmas, shortly after my grandpa was diagnosed with Stage 4 Prostate Cancer; I have also lost multiple family members to the disease, and my best friend is currently in remission from it (Enough of my backstory, you’re not here for that lol); And honestly, reading it when I did was a mistake. Although I don’t think there really is ever an appropriate time to read a book like that. It was honest, and touching, and a bucket of ugly sobbing in your bathtub at 2am.

The movie was the same thing. Although I started crying so much earlier than I had in the book. It was a constant flow of tears, and even though I knew what was coming, and what to expect, I still was not nearly prepared enough for the epic wave of feels that came with it. I’d give the movie a 5 out of 5 stars for being so well done (But it’s #3 on my list for favourite movies)

4) Vampire Academy
I have to admit that I was pretty hyped for The Vampire Academy movie to finally be released. The cast was gorgeous, the novel was perfect doses of hilarious and serious, and all the promotion should have made it a must see teen movie. Sadly, that was not the reaction that was received. The movie was panned by critics as being a Twilight knock-off, along with many other criticisms.

That being said… I loved this movie. Not as much as the previous 3, as it’s clearly #4 on my list, however I found it to be spectacular. It had the right balance of humour, action, romance and teen angst. It (mostly) stayed true to the book, and took a few liberties where necessary. The actors and actresses were almost exactly how I pictured they’d be, and fit each of their characters flawlessly. Overall, I’d give the movie a 3.8 out of 5 stars.

2 thoughts on “Wishlist Wednesday | Best Book to Movie Adaptation of 2014

  1. tickledtk says:

    Mockingjay was amazing, I agree. I thought Catching Fire was pretty good too, in terms of how it kept up with the books. What I always find odd about the Hunger Games movies is that their promotion reminds me of the Capitol. I remember there being something called Capitol Couture that came out with nail polish and makeup based off the districts. That’s so something the Capitol would do. They would also take a haunting song like Hanging Tree, put it to a dance beat and turn it into a pop sensation.

    None of that is bad… just interesting.

    As for Vampire Academy. I was beyond excited for the move! Richelle Mead is my favorite author. I think if they would have promoted more and better, it would have been a hit. Instead, they hardly advertised it at all. It’s like they gave up on it before it was even released. What I wouldn’t give to see Frostbite turned into a movie….


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