Happy Friday Jan 2nd!

Alright, so as I mentioned earlier, we are going to spend January talking about books that kick started our love of reading. This way, you will get a better feel for us, our likes, dislikes and hopefully figure out which one of us you relate to! Autum and I are both so different, especially in what we read, that it is not very often we find the same books appealing.

My hope for this month is for you to get to know us, get to know some of our reading history and tell us about yours. Have you read the book we mentioned in the post? Or do you have a book that gave you those same feelings as a child/teen? We want to hear about all of it. January is a month of reflection (and often dieting) we are going to be cleaning off our book shelves so to speak.

I want to tell you about the books I loved and the books I hated; I will likely even tell you a little about the books I pretended to read in high school. They will likely vary from the YA posts we generally stick to.

So, get your book lists ready! We are going to start posting again regularly on January 5th. I haven’t decided which book should go first, although, I have a feeling I’ll start with one of my favourites!!

Hope everyone is having a fantastic Holiday 🙂

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