New Year, New You!

So, this year I want to share my New Years goals with you all!

My goal is to double the amount of books I read in a year. Yes, I know this sounds tricky but I think I have been practicing and I think it is possible. I have started listening to audiobooks, every I go really. In the car, around my house and even sometimes at work. This is giving me the ability to ‘read’ an additional book a week on average. I normally struggle to reach 50 books in a year when it comes to paper versions, especially lately. It is difficult to find time to read when all my time is dedicated to work and wedding planning. With the wedding only 45 days away, I think I will be able to focus a little more this year.

So, this year, I am pledging to read 100 books on the 50bookpledge website.

Want to take a look at my TBR pile?

Audio Books

Go Ask Alice – Anonymous

Gone – Michael Grant

Delirium – Lauren Oliver

Girl Online – Zoe Sugg

Books In Print

Rites of Passage – Joy Hensley

Kiss Kill Vanish – Jessica Martinez

The Archived – Victoria Schwab

The Catastrophic History of You and Me – Jess Rothenberg

Now I know this is just a small list, but my real list is huge. These are just the books that are on top, the ones I am excited about and the ones I think I should have read a long time ago!

For our blog, my goals are a lot more simple. We started out just wanting to spread our joy of books and help people find that perfect book for them, that sparks their interested and gets their book passion started. We have spent the last couple months just nailing out our flaws and getting a routine going. Our goal was to post 6 days a week (with the exception of our recent holiday), and we have been successful.

Now that we have our routines down, I am hoping we can concentrate more on getting the word out. Letting people around us know that WE ARE HERE TO STAY! and we want to hear from you. I want to hear what you have to say, we want to know what you are reading and how you are feeling. We have spent some time telling you about ourselves, now we want to know about you!

Over the last 5 months our blog has been viewed in 61 countries! That is astounding to me, but I know we can top it. If you like our blog and you want to hear more from us, help us reach out to more people. Tell your friends about Buzz On Books and help us reach our goal for 2015 of 80 different countries in 2015. You’d be helping my terrible geography skills (I am still trying to figure out where Oman is, Thank You reader in Oman!), and making a couple small town girls feel like their opinions are helping someone.

Well, that is all for today! I am headed to my reading corner to start one of the above mentioned gems … hmmmm which shall I choose?

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