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If you don’t know Dick and Jane the books than you are obviously too young to be my friend. No, I’m kidding, but really.. where have you been?

Dick and Jane were my friends, they helped me learn to read. When it comes to interest, they weren’t so good. The stories are a little bland but the repetition and use of key vocabulary and sight words make them a must have for new readers.

Can you see what I mean? If you have a struggling reader though, the repetition would help them build confidence. I also like the punctuation usage, allowing for exaggeration in speech while reading.

There is a lot of history behind these two characters, they’ve been in a lot of homes and helped a lot of children. Originally published in the 1930’s, Dick and Jane were developed to help with a juvenile reading program. They were largely popular from the 30’s until the 70’s, and made into a film in 1977 (with a Jim Carey remake in 2005). Plus, like any good classic, it has stirred up some controversy! With accusations of plagiarism and discrimination they have continued to strive, they did add characters of different nationalities in later editions but those stories aren’t as well known.

I know that these aren’t going to really boost a kids passion for reading. It isn’t going to grab their tail feathers and make them want to keep going but Dick and Jane are a tried a true classic that will always have a place in my heart.

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