Jumpstart | A Promise is a Promise by Robert Munsch and Michael Kusugak

A Promise Is a Promise

This is a story that I have loved from the very first time I read it. It hasn’t changed now that I am an adult. I love traditional tales, a ring of truth and always a valid lesson.

In ‘A Promise is a Promise’ we see Allashua, a young Inuk girl who is disobeying her mother’s requests to not fish on the sea ice, the sea is not safe. Of course, as you can see in the picture, her mother was right. A Qallupiluk captures her and Allashua is willing to do or say anything to save herself. What she does, however, puts her siblings in danger. Allashua must now help her mother trick the Qallupilluit so that she can save her siblings.

Not only can this book help teach a lesson about the value of your word, but it also shows a great amount of information about the Inuit culture. It is a great discussion to be had, how different they live from a life in southern Ontario. You can find different stories about Qallupilluit creatures and different artists perspectives of them, even compare them to mythical creatures in our stories.

Creepy creatures aren’t they? These images are different from the ones in the book, but a good way to show how there are different perceptions of Qallupilluit.

I hope that everyone has read this book, this book was a large part of me becoming who I am. Making a promise to someone is so easy, following through with a promise tells a lot about your character. It teaches you that your parents don’t tell you tales just because, they are hoping you will learn from someone else’s mistakes instead of having to make them yourself. The last thing I love about this story is that is different from the regular folklore we hear. I find the Inuit culture very interesting and this is a great introductory book for kids.

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