Jumpstart | Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – Roald Dahl


I actually saw this movie before I read the book but the movie didn’t change how I felt about the book.

As I’m sure you all know by now, I love Roald Dahl. I would own every printed version of every one of his books if I could. He was so creative, his word play like no other I have ever read.
–I’m a little jealous of his creativity actually, but I wonder if I was that creative would I even know it? How often, after the age of 4 do we make up our own words and pretend worlds? Being the eldest child in the family, I was often in the comoany of adults. I’m sure this played a large part, I was expected to use real words and communicate as clearly as I could from a very young age. —
ANYWAY, he has the ability to come up these amazing worlds, out of all of his worlds though, the Wonka Factory is my favourite place.

Who doesn’t like Candy and Chocolate and licorice and pistachios! Haha sorry, a little sing song in my head. But a whole place where you can do what you want and eat what you want, WOW!

The characters are also extraordinary, you have – Violet, Augustus, Veruca etc.. all with a lesson to learn. The ability to teach all of these different kids a different lesson in one story, you want a story jam packed with morals, you got it!

I’m never going to stop about this one, so I’m going to sum it up quickly and force myself. Charlie and his family are poor, times are very tough for them. They are able to catch a break when Charlie finds a golden ticket for a trip into the Wonka Factory. Long story short Mr. Wonka is looking for someone to care for the factory after he passes. All the kids fail their tests though, they are selfish liars. Mr. Wonka sets up a trap for every single one of them and every single one fails!

Being kind
Listening to directions
Keeping your word
… I’m sure there are some I am forgetting.

Either way, a must-read for everyone! Buy it now!

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