Jumpstart | The Diary of Anne Frank – Anne Frank


If I could find my copy of this book, you’d be able to see how destroyed it is. Its one of the only books that I’ve never replaced, and has so many rips and tears and cracks in the spine, because its been read so many times.

There’s not really much to say, since most people have read this book at one time or another, in their lives. Anne Frank was a young Jewish woman living in the Netherlands during the Nazi Occupation. Her family was eventually found to be hiding in an attic. They were rounded up and sent off to different concentration camps, where all but her father, Otto Frank, eventually died.

Anne kept a diary up until the day they were discovered. It provides an insight into her inner most thoughts about spending so long in close quarters with so many people. We see her talk about love and romantic feelings. About her experiences with menstration and the struggles of being the youngest child in her family.

I’ve always had a rather large interest in war history, especially that of WWII. Anne Franks story was one of the very first books I read about the atrocities of The Holocaust, and it opened my eyes to the realities and harshness of the world. It’s a beautiful diary written by a young girl who had so much more to say, when her life was ultimately cut short.

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