Jumpstart | Winnie The Pooh – A. A. Milne

Winnie-the-Pooh (Winnie-the-Pooh, #1)

This story, and author need no introduction. I actually don’t have much to say about them because almost everyone I know has a family story about Winnie The Pooh.  I am going to tell you mine though, and I hope you will all do the same, either in the comments or email it to me at aurora.buzzonbooks@gmail.com

For as long as I can remember I have loved Winnie the Pooh, or Pooh, as I call him. I have countless stuffies of him, hats, t-shirts, you name it. Even to this day when I see something that has Pooh on it there is a twinge inside me that wants to buy it. It is hard because I can’t remember how it started, or why it started and I am the kind of person that needs to know how things began.

I have read every Pooh story I have been able to find, and can tell you that the classics have always been my favourites. They are genuine stories about a boy and his friends, the more recent stories are much more “Disney” and although I enjoy Disney, you don’t feel the same amount of heart in them.

I was always a little jealous of Christopher Robin, he had endless adventures and friends who cared for him unconditionally. Plus, he had a real life on top of the secret world of the Hundred Acre Wood. Each character was so different, so unique and would make for a very easy child lit analysis.

Winnie the Pooh was so flighty and forgetful that you couldn’t help but love and take care of him.

I always wanted to give Eeyore the biggest hug and duct tape that tail of his so that he would stop losing it.

Piglet was small like me, we share the same life struggles, I can’t reach the cupboards either. He is the quiet and shy one though, often keeping his ideas and opinions to himself.

Tigger was the highly energetic one, always getting into trouble and making people bail him out.

Rabbit was the old grumpy man of the group, always miserable and doubtful.

And we can’t forget the wise Owl. Always giving advise and helping everyone find solutions to their problems.

As you can tell, I related most to Piglet, but I always had love for Pooh and T- I – Double G – ER, probably very telling about my other dominant characteristics, energetic and flighty!

What does Winnie The Pooh mean to you?

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