Jumpstart | Lucky – Alice Sebold


** This book is not for the weak of heart, it is contains graphic and horrific details **

This book disgusted me, what happened to Alice Sebold haunted my dreams and I think sometimes that is what a good book needs to do. This is a situation where I wanted to learn from someone else’s experiences. Never in a million years would I want to experience this myself, nor would I want any of my friends to go through anything like this.

This is Alice Sebold’s memoir of being raped and the events that followed. An emotional retelling of the struggles to get her rapist arrested while dealing with the emotional aftermath. You get to read honest hurt in this book, real emotion and you see how all it takes is one incident to change your life.

Alice is starting college at 18 years old, a freshman. A time of your life that most people dream of, the first taste of freedom, of independence and paving your own path. I don’t want to go into detail because Alice tells it better than I will ever be able to. I can tell you that I cried, cringed and even hid under the bed sheets on multiple occasions. This book gave me nightmares and still to this day (years later) has me looking over my shoulders and paying close attention to my surroundings no matter my situation.

In the tunnel where I was raped, a tunnel that was once an underground entry to an amphitheater, a place where actors burst forth from underneath the seats of a crowd, a girl had been murdered and dismembered. I was told this by the police. In comparison, they said, I was lucky…But at the time, I felt I had more in common with the dead girl than I did with the large, beefy police officers or my stunned freshman-year girlfriends. The dead girl and I had been in the same low place…During the rape my eye caught something among the leaves and glass. A pink hair tie. When I heard about the dead girl, I could imagine her pleading as I had, and wondered when her hair had been pulled loose from her hair tie…I will always think of her when I think of the pink hair tie. I will think of a girl in the last moments of her life.

These words, as well as this book, will always have a place in my head. A vision of a girl crouching in a corner wishing she had of died instead of having to deal with the pain and fear of what is still to come. The thoughts and fear running through her head, the lack of self worth that would come along with it. Adding to the stress would be the power of social media, the speed of which the news can spread nowadays would give her no time to wrap her head around the terrible event before people would be knocking down her door. Friends and family wanting to help and be close when all she wants is to be left alone.

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