Jumpstart | The Givenchy Code – Julie Kenner


This novel finds out heroine, Melanie Prescott, stuck in another series of dead-end jobs. She is studying math and history at university and is a wizard at codes. Suddenly she is sucked into a live-action version of a on-line video game she used to play.

Hunted through the streets of New York by a mad man, Melanie must trust, Matthew Stryker, a complete (and very handsome) stranger, to help her solve the puzzles and make it through the experience alive.


I honestly don’t remember how I stumbled across The Codebreaker series by Julie Kenner, but I do remember devouring them within days. Each book is designed around a game that each of the main characters used to play. There’s an attacker, the target, and the protector. It’s based on an online game that each character has played in the past.

Personally, what I enjoyed so much about this series was how fast paced they were. There was action, death, mystery and romance. And it was blended together in such a way that it made for an excellent read. By no means are they literary award winners, no. But they were a perfect read for someone who was just getting into the “chick-lit” genre in her teens.

* On a side note, I apologize that there was no Tuesday Jumpstart post. I thought I had something posted, and I did not, and Aurora is swamped with her real life job. Please accept our apologies *

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