Review | Die for me by Amy Plum

Die for Me (Revenants, #1)

Normally when I write reviews, I write about books that I read a little while ago. I am generally 15 or so books behind so that I have a stock pile of reviews to write for when one week is really busy. However, I can’t get this book off of my mind so I need to write about it.

I started off feeling really bad for Kate, this poor girl lost her parents and is forced to move from her home in the USA to Paris. I know, in my head I was like *Boo hoo a little adventure in Paris won’t hurt you* but then I really thought about it. I wouldn’t want to uproot my whole life as a teenager. Losing your parents would be hard enough without having to lose everything you are familiar and comfortable with. You start to sympathize with Kate, you can see that she is quiet and introverted. Her love for books finds her alone often, which just made me want to hug her.

After all of this sadness and hugging you meet Vincent, a strong dashing man who always seems to be lurking in the shadows. Always there at exactly the right moment to save someone’s life and always sneaking peaks at our poor little Kate.

Now enters everything you have ever wanting in a YA novel: mystery, action, suspense, immortals and even a dash of romance and heartbreak.

Kate risks losing everything she has made of herself if she wants a shot with Vincent, but Vincent risks all that he is and knows for a chance to be with Kate.

I can’t get this book out of my head!

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