Free for all Friday | First Person Narrative Pro/Con

Now, I know I’ve mentioned how I prefer first person, but I want to know what you guys think. I have spent a lot of time thinking about this and if I can ever remember really disliking a book based on the narrative chosen. I am finding myself getting more frustrated with books written in third person and thought this might be a good way to get my head out of this funk. I will start with the Pro/Con list for first person.

First Person Pro:

– The story feels more personal and intimate

– It is easier to write, we are used to telling our own personal stories. First Person


– Limited to one or two viewpoints. Even writing two can be tricky

– Limits your story to the interests and characteristics of your protagonist.

So these are the ones that I can think of for now. I think the story being personal is most important to me. I will do third person next week, I need a little more time to think about that one!

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