Review | Alligator Baby – Robert Munsch

Alligator Baby

Format: Paperback, 32 pages
Published: April 1st 2002
Genre: Humour
ISBN: 9780439388498
Age Range: 3+
Rating: 5/5
Kristen’s parents just can’t seem to do anything right. First they have their baby at the zoo, not in a hospital. Then, they accidentally bring home an baby alligator instead! After it bites everyone on the nose, they return to the zoo and come back with a baby seal! Kristen sees that she will have to solve this problem herself. She bikes to the zoo and finds their baby with . . . a gorilla mommy. When the baby bites the gorilla on the nose, Kristen sees her chance–and takes home her new baby brother!
This story is wonderful for any parent who is bringing home a baby, or to read to any child that has a sibling. It is full of Robert Munsch’s quirky humour and is bound to have all the children laughing.
Alligator baby is meant to be a fun and silly story about parents who are so overwhelmed by a new baby that they end up bringing home animals instead of their child. In true Munsch form, the child saves the day!
The pictures in this book are fun and colourful allowing the children to relax and enjoy the story instead of thinking it might be real (and scary). Children who have a basic understanding about animals will get more pleasure from this story than others, but it will open up for talks about animal habits and habitats. “Why might it be difficult to live with a seal in your house all the time?”
Another Munsch classic.

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