Wishlist Wednesday | Book Events

Last week, Aurora and I accidentally discovered that was were going to be attending the same event – And when I mean accidentally, we both found out at 4:30am when she posted on Facebook that she was headed on an adventure, and I asked.

We hadn’t seen each other in at least 4 years, so it was very exciting to be able to spend at least a few moments together.

The event was an exciting opportunity to discover what new books are being released this spring and summer. Although we have a series of book previews already ready to be published on the blog, we quickly found more that grabbed out attention – And even some of those books managed to sneak their way to the top of our ‘To Be Read’ piles… Whoops!

But what I’m wondering, is how many other of our readers enjoy attending events like these, or even the wonderful ‘Book Cons’ that are also becoming super popular. I know that there’s a large book convention coming up in June at the Toronto Convention Centre (I believe), and while I’d love to go, I’ve already made plans that weekend.

Or do people prefer a book reading of a local author (or maybe even someone more famous) where they get the chance to hear that author lament about the writing process, the love of their characters, and the general excitement that they have for their craft.

What are your thoughts readers? Feel free to comment below, or shoot either us an email with your thoughts!

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