Free for All Fridays – I Hate Myself, The Struggle Between My Brain and My Heart.

Okay, so .. if you all read my review yesterday you would know that I am feeling pretty crumby about myself right now. I am torn between writing what I know to be true and what I really feel. Don’t you hate the struggle between your brain and your heart!

I want to write unbiased reviews, reviews that discuss the quality and content of a book rather than how the book made me feel. Can a review be unbiased though? If there was no bias there would be no opinion, so wouldn’t it just be a summary and some observations?

I only find I struggle when I know there will be plenty of people that will enjoy the book, and in a way, I don’t want someone else to miss an opportunity to read something they may think is great because I didn’t enjoy it.

What do you guys think?

Have you ever felt torn while writing a review?

Am I being unfair?

Have something to say?

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