Free For All Friday | Fairy Tale Trending?

Image result for fairytaleI’ve been seeing this theme with new releases lately, and correct me if I am wrong but I see a lot of Fairy tale retellings.

Who knows, maybe it is just the books that I am attracted to. I’m definitely one that picks a book up based on their cover so maybe it is just those that have been appealing to me.

Lately, we have seen “Stray” by Elissa Sussman, “Dorothy Must Die” by Danielle Paige, “Insanity” by Cameron Jace (plus more of his books), “Alice in Zombieland” by Gena Showalter and “Splintered” by A.G. Howard. I’m sure there are more but these are the ones that are currently sticking in my head.

I really enjoy these fairy tale twists but I find they can go Image result for fairytalefrom amazing to awful very quickly. I am very picky, of course, with the way I think they should go. We have all read the fairy tales our whole life and have imagined every twist we could imagine, but I am glad to see authors expanding my horizons.

Am alone in seeing this trend or does it really exist? Does it have a name that I am unaware of? Do you enjoy them?

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